Saturday, March 7, 2009

Early Saturday Morning

Early Saturday and I'm up writing at 1:30 again. Seems like this is getting to be an unbreakable habit. *sigh* I admit that alot of it is my fault since I just spent the last 2 hours reading the second book in Stephanie Meyers' Twilight series: New Moon.
I've realized that once I start reading a book, I can barely concentrate on anything else until I've finished it. Hence why I'm writing instead of picking up the next in line: Eclipse. :)

Ah.. speaking of writing, I probably should actually do that. LOL.. Off to write!


Friday, March 6, 2009


Well, I went ahead and did it.. I'm now a tweet. (I think that's the correct term.)
I joined Twitter the other day and have actually found that due to the word-limited comment-space, I've actually been able to keep my updates up.. to.. date. Ahem.
My Twitter name is ReturnedKarma (just for those of you who are Twitter-goers).

I signed onto a new project which is already in Beta form. It's definitely going to be a change for me but I'm pretty excited about it. :) Takes me back to the olden days when the closest form of online gameplay I had access to was through a text-based MUD.
You can actually find the game here for free online play:
There's quite a bit of history linked to this video-game and it's creators which I've enjoyed researching. Here's the link to a wiki on another game they created back in '89: . Aragon Online is supposed to be loosely based on the previous tactical title; Sword of Aragon.
Anyways, :) Just thought I'd plug that one since it's the first game I can actually link to that I've worked on or will be working on so far.

I'm up late working on Bruno's demo. Just kinda enjoying the relaxation of it. :) The thing I enjoy most about creating content for a humorous Adventure game is exaggeration. I mean, how cool is it when you actually get paid to take an idea and blow it completely out of proportion.. Just as long as you figure out some outlandish way to make it connect to the rest of the story.
Ahh.. I love my job...