Saturday, March 7, 2009

Early Saturday Morning

Early Saturday and I'm up writing at 1:30 again. Seems like this is getting to be an unbreakable habit. *sigh* I admit that alot of it is my fault since I just spent the last 2 hours reading the second book in Stephanie Meyers' Twilight series: New Moon.
I've realized that once I start reading a book, I can barely concentrate on anything else until I've finished it. Hence why I'm writing instead of picking up the next in line: Eclipse. :)

Ah.. speaking of writing, I probably should actually do that. LOL.. Off to write!


Friday, March 6, 2009


Well, I went ahead and did it.. I'm now a tweet. (I think that's the correct term.)
I joined Twitter the other day and have actually found that due to the word-limited comment-space, I've actually been able to keep my updates up.. to.. date. Ahem.
My Twitter name is ReturnedKarma (just for those of you who are Twitter-goers).

I signed onto a new project which is already in Beta form. It's definitely going to be a change for me but I'm pretty excited about it. :) Takes me back to the olden days when the closest form of online gameplay I had access to was through a text-based MUD.
You can actually find the game here for free online play:
There's quite a bit of history linked to this video-game and it's creators which I've enjoyed researching. Here's the link to a wiki on another game they created back in '89: . Aragon Online is supposed to be loosely based on the previous tactical title; Sword of Aragon.
Anyways, :) Just thought I'd plug that one since it's the first game I can actually link to that I've worked on or will be working on so far.

I'm up late working on Bruno's demo. Just kinda enjoying the relaxation of it. :) The thing I enjoy most about creating content for a humorous Adventure game is exaggeration. I mean, how cool is it when you actually get paid to take an idea and blow it completely out of proportion.. Just as long as you figure out some outlandish way to make it connect to the rest of the story.
Ahh.. I love my job...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

*Knock Knock*

Well.. after some sound advice from a concept artist i'm working with on a demo-project (Yes Badger, I'm looking at you) I've come to realize that my poor blog has been sorely neglected.

So here's an update on life as we know it and a few things I've learned these past few months;

  • Freelance-Video-Game-Writers who are stay-at-home-moms NEVER publish success stories. In fact, it actually makes me wonder if they even exist.. Bah, surely there's a stay-at-home-mom/video-game-writer out there. Maybe the title is just way too darned long.

  • Never mention to your animal-rights-fanatic-Guild-Leader that you have mouse traps in your home. No, I don't really care for causing any more discomfort to an animal then they already get naturally but when it comes to one of my children getting sick from mouse 'loot' or what they carry in from outside.. You can bet your bbqed buttons it's war.

  • Top Ramen should NOT be left in it's little 'box' on the floor. (Related to above mentioned mouse) *Sigh* a whole box of ramen noodles.. tossed out. And it was Teriyaki! You NEVER find that flavor anywhere.

  • Don't wait for motivation or inspiration to strike when it comes to writing. A set schedule, as inconvenient as it sounds, REALLY is the best way to get your work done. Inspiration will learn to come on your schedule, though it may be hard at first.
  • Early Hours Work. Even though 3 am isn't extremely convenient to work, i've written some of my most efficient work super early in the morning.


After 4 years of renting, we've finally started really considering purchasing a house. :) Yay! While I'm sure it's not going to be top-notch living, it'll be so nice to actually be paying towards something we're buying rather then towards something someone else is buying.

I've mostly concentrated on Video-Game Writing an have sub-conciousely steered further away from web copy. I'm hoping to get myself back into taking on more genres of work in Freelance Writing soon but have just enjoyed the projects i'm currenty on for now in the gaming-industry.

Working on my portfolio! So excited to finally have some of my work ready to show prospective clients. This will definately make it easier and quicker to apply for projects i'm interested in joining.

And with all that said, my latest piece of 'cheers-for-me' news; I finally picked up a laptop, or rather my husband finally picked a laptop up for me for our anniversary/my birthday. :) I've really been enjoying being able to write in bed whenever the urge hits or even while I'm doing dishes (If your wondering how I manage this, I'll simply say; Ahem.. very carefully)

Tada! Update ala Heather.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hmm.. This seems kinda redundant.

Something I found in my internet-browsing-adventures while holding my son..
It starts out with an article about govenerment grants, how the govennment can help you get out of debt with your bills, and a guy who has taken time out of his VERY busy schedule, wearing a question-mark suit somewhat reminescent of The Riddler, to talk about it 'today'.
After clicking this link you will find an opening page that promises 'free' money from the government in order to help pay some bills. With this recession and Christmas just around the corner, I can see where it might be tempting for some hard-up parents to check further into this. Ah okay, I checked myself. *sigh* Sue me.

After choosing the category of which you need the Government's help with, you get transferred automatically to a 'Buy Me Now for More Information' ad.

Okay.. is it just me or does this seem a little twisted? If someone has gotten to the point where they need money from the government to pay off their bills so they can start working towards getting out of debt.. Do you think they really should be buying random books telling them how to ask the government to help them pay off their bills? I dunno.. Maybe I'm just overreacting, but it just seems like if someone can't pay their bills, they probably don't have extra money to buy random books.
Ahah.. Time to go clean the fish tank. :) Got my daughter a fish for Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crash and Burn!

Okay.. maybe just crash.. Well.. As anyone who might have been keeping up with my blog has noticed (ahem.. emphasize on *might*) I have been absent for a while in my blogging adventures, here's why..
For some reason Blogger has been crashing my browser every time I try to access my blog.. Causing a horrific and sometimes gut-wrenching response as I watch every browser window slowly (and I mean slowly) diminish.. Including the super long cover email I've just written out for a job-position.
On to other news..
Game production has been put on hold until current sponsor issues are resolved. Lets hope this happens sooner then later.. I'm starting to have withdrawal pains. :)
Christmas is coming up and so is the new year of 2009. Time to start pulling out your resolution lists everyone! I, for one, am already working on one full of expectations.. Pshaw, who needs a nagging wife when your already being one for yourself? :)
Games. I am still on my simulation-game craze and seem to have found a new inlet to feed my addiction. has all types of games (though I have yet to really delve into the database) and I'm sure will keep me busy in my down-time while holding the son. Ah speak of the little guy..
Wellp, the son calls!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I just saved $50 at Albertsons!

But lets face it.. is THAT really something to brag about? I mean.. I ended up spending 40 bucks just to save $6 on a turkey. I needed the items I got, but could have seriosely gotten twice the amount at Wal-Mart or WinCo that I got at Albertsons.. And to make matters worse.. the kids were cranky, the daughter was running all over the place.. not content holding Jono's hand, the aisles were cramped, and my fellow elbowing shoppers were rude.. Stopping in the narrow aisles for random products.. Not even ending up getting more often then not.
After the slightly hectic experience (and getting home, 40 minutes later to find that the carton of Reeses Ice Cream that was 'on sale' had no seal on it) my husband told me he would NEVER go back to Albertsons again.
I tend to agree with him.. Even if I know in two years we'll forget about the pain it was to get that awesome deal on a turkey for Thanksgiving and amble back through those glass automatic doors for our Turkey-Day shopping once again..

Monday, November 10, 2008

Total Transformation?

Have been up early with my son this morning and after reading blogs for about an hour, I hopped into the gliding chair to rock my son to sleep.
We only have 2 channels at the moment. (Fox and a Christian channel) I opted for Fox and wouldn't you know it.. A paid advertising program was on :P. As if that's uncommon.. ahem.
Anyways.. this was about Total Transformation.. Apparently a program to teach parents how to be in control of their out-of-control kids.
Okay.. It kind of started rubbing me wrong listening to the guy talking but I didn't know why. Sure I know there's some pretty wild kids out there who push their parents out of their lives.. Doing whatever their big enough to do. And I also know that alot of parents could use help figuring out how to make a difference in their child's life. So why have a problem with someone trying to make a profit from helping?
I think what bugged me.. His tone, and his choice of wording. Saying things such as 'If you know how to change your kid, why haven't you done so yet?' And 'It's not going to change until you pick up that phone and call.' strikes me as not only arrogant but disrespectful to parents. YES some kids are difficult to manage, but if it took him 30 years to figure it out (as he says).. I think there IS a chance (even if 1/1 mil) that we parents CAN change our kids lives without the help of Mr. Bighead.
About the time that a couple were on the screen saying "If you truly love your kid-" the tv got shut off. Ugh.. Just had to rant today. It's one thing to offer a program to help parents learn how to show authority to their children, but to insinuate that parents aren't competent enough to figure it out on their own? Would almost rather switch to the Christian channel.. Almost.