Saturday, November 22, 2008

I just saved $50 at Albertsons!

But lets face it.. is THAT really something to brag about? I mean.. I ended up spending 40 bucks just to save $6 on a turkey. I needed the items I got, but could have seriosely gotten twice the amount at Wal-Mart or WinCo that I got at Albertsons.. And to make matters worse.. the kids were cranky, the daughter was running all over the place.. not content holding Jono's hand, the aisles were cramped, and my fellow elbowing shoppers were rude.. Stopping in the narrow aisles for random products.. Not even ending up getting more often then not.
After the slightly hectic experience (and getting home, 40 minutes later to find that the carton of Reeses Ice Cream that was 'on sale' had no seal on it) my husband told me he would NEVER go back to Albertsons again.
I tend to agree with him.. Even if I know in two years we'll forget about the pain it was to get that awesome deal on a turkey for Thanksgiving and amble back through those glass automatic doors for our Turkey-Day shopping once again..


What is going on, blog said...
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What is going on, blog said...

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Dawne said...

thanks Eric, I actually have had problems with my blog. I haven't been able to get on and am only able to on a whim today.