Monday, November 3, 2008

Am I Still Writing?

Well.. I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog on what is happening in my writing. I was a little uncertain of what I could disclose to the public as I had signed an NDA.. (That little contract can be very intimidating by the way.)
After talking to my boss, I think an update is definately in order!
After two weeks of training, I just recently signed a contract with Darksynth Productions as Level Design/Character Creation on an unnounced RPG beginning production.. well.. later today! I'll be keeping the salary amount undisclosed. :)
The company site is currently down and in the process of being updated so will post information as soon as this is finished. (crossing my fingers it's sooner rather then later)
Also on my plate, I accepted an internship to a fashion & lifestyle magazine called Upgrade, putting out 6 issues this coming year. You can find their website at .
My novel has gotten a bit further, but still far from being ready for an agent. *sigh* I suppose the world will have to wait just a little longer for my works.. Something tells me, the ocean's not going to dry up and the sky isn't gonna rain pizza sauce just because my novel hasn't hit stands in the hoped for time-slot.
Writing aside.. Halloween.. The kids had alot of fun. We had my super-girl dressed 4 year old niece, (my sister's baby had caught a cold and wasn't able to get out) my 3 year old daughter who was a pirate-princess and my 3 month old son dressed as a dragon. After going down three streets, we called it good, dropped my niece off and headed over to a friend's house where my daughter got even more goodies. (As if she needed them. :P)
One thing I thought was kind of cute.. Someone handed out a little plastic-wrapped toothbrush. While I doubt I would have been very excited as a kid at getting a toothbrush instead of candy for Halloween, my daughter loved it.
Aw.. the tyke is calling. Good luck everyone on your Freelance Writing efforts today! And keep it up! :)

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