Monday, November 10, 2008

Total Transformation?

Have been up early with my son this morning and after reading blogs for about an hour, I hopped into the gliding chair to rock my son to sleep.
We only have 2 channels at the moment. (Fox and a Christian channel) I opted for Fox and wouldn't you know it.. A paid advertising program was on :P. As if that's uncommon.. ahem.
Anyways.. this was about Total Transformation.. Apparently a program to teach parents how to be in control of their out-of-control kids.
Okay.. It kind of started rubbing me wrong listening to the guy talking but I didn't know why. Sure I know there's some pretty wild kids out there who push their parents out of their lives.. Doing whatever their big enough to do. And I also know that alot of parents could use help figuring out how to make a difference in their child's life. So why have a problem with someone trying to make a profit from helping?
I think what bugged me.. His tone, and his choice of wording. Saying things such as 'If you know how to change your kid, why haven't you done so yet?' And 'It's not going to change until you pick up that phone and call.' strikes me as not only arrogant but disrespectful to parents. YES some kids are difficult to manage, but if it took him 30 years to figure it out (as he says).. I think there IS a chance (even if 1/1 mil) that we parents CAN change our kids lives without the help of Mr. Bighead.
About the time that a couple were on the screen saying "If you truly love your kid-" the tv got shut off. Ugh.. Just had to rant today. It's one thing to offer a program to help parents learn how to show authority to their children, but to insinuate that parents aren't competent enough to figure it out on their own? Would almost rather switch to the Christian channel.. Almost.


Shannon said...

ROFL! I love it! hehe...what is it with this guy profiting from us parents? Good grief. I think we know our kids better then he does :) You tell him!

Dawne said...

exactly! pshaw.. As if we need any more help throwing our money away :P