Wednesday, October 29, 2008

'WAMO Syndrome'

"WAMO Syndrome is the condition one finds themselves in after initally being a tank for an extended period of time. 'Bane admitted his WAMO Syndrome after being utterly slaughtered by running his healing monk directly into the AOE.' "

Ah.. We all have experienced this condition.. Whether we have it ourselves, or a mission where an invitation of a friend or guildy quickly turns sour, hordes and hordes of monsters swarming all over the disabled body of a BP Ranger.. Too quick to tank.
WAMO Syndrome is a common occurance among the MMORPG community, ranging from young to old alike. What can we do to help our loved ones? What can we do to help ourselves??
1. Ask for help! Admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it.
2. Don't sabotage yourself: Refrain from even 'this one time' out-of-profession-tanking.
3. Avoid Bad Examples: Friends who carry the same disease? Avoid them in the act. WAMOism feeds off of WAMOism.
4. Don't give into Peer Pressure! Just because everyone else is doing it doesen't mean you have to do it.
5. Get a Pet: Go train a pet.. Maybe a tiger from Factions, or even a Flamingo from NF.. But PLEASE.. If you feel the need to witness utter slaughterization and to aggravate a ball of enemies.. Send your pet in. He's tough. He can handle it.. Really.

With these helpful hints perhaps even YOU can make a difference.

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