Monday, October 6, 2008

Wallpaper is a curse..

Wallpaper.. the sticky layer of flowery deception.
What IS hiding behind those patterned pretty flowers? Water stains? Mildew? Horrific nests of cockroach families? Do we even want to know?
Not really.. but those little dots of pastel pink and green flowers call to you, a distraction hovering in your peripheral vision, begging you to stop working and turn your tortured eyes to it's beckon.. Counting each and every flower as preciouse minutes tick by, your work day essentially shot.
Why do we use it? Here are some possible scenarios..
*1. You just moved here.. You have nothing to do with the legion of chipper flowers adorning your walls, and your landlord for some reason is partial to it. Maybe it was his grandmother's and has sentimental value.. fortunate for him, HE doesen't have to live with it.
*2. Wall-Papers R Us had an excellent sale on anything with little pink roses and it was cheaper then painting.
*3. YOUR grandmother put it up, and it has sentimental value to YOU.
*4. It just matches the pink and white sofa.
*5. Your hiding ketchup-stained walls. An incident you really don't want to discuss.
*6. You just like it. Those pretty little flowers give you warm, fuzzy feelings and something to stare at during the day.
Anyways.. Whatever the reason.. What if you decide you need to get rid of it? Well! That's what I decided after rearranging my living room several times in the last month to no avail. I did some googling and the first link that popped up, brought a website that I intend to follow this coming year when tackling my wallpaper project.!&id=4341
Unfortunately, since nearly every room is covered in it, this could be a very big project.. Hence why next spring is the 'to-do' date. I plan on recording and covering the whole process with before and after pictures to post on my blog. :) So stay tuned for that!
Life in the Freelance Writing World... Hmm.. Nacie Carson, a reader of FWJ ( sent in a post that I feel is a necessity to read for any who have a site. She tells about her recent experience with hackers, the damage, and how you can prevent this from happening to you. Check out her post here:
Jodee posted some great job leads on FWJ today, so definately check that out. A job for a comedy writer (for a mock-horoscope site) among others are listed today, check out Jodee's posting here:
Okay, enough plugging, work calls. *puts on the work face*
Happy Freelancing!

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