Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tips for a Stress-Free Halloween Party

Halloween is just around the corner and you have a tyke and about a dozen pint-sized guests to plan a party for.
Still haven't gotten past the party list? Well, don't panic.. Here's a few helpful tips and ideas to get you on the right hant-inspired path.
For a safe alternative to open flames, use wickless candles or decorative string-lights. You can place these candles randomly on surfaces without having to worry about knocked over flames or dripping candle wax and still keep a spooky glow. Better still, you can continue to use the candles and lights in your day-to-day decorating strategy.
Plastic gothic-style fences and sheer fabric or cobweb-style sheets can be used to section off areas you don't want wandering costume-clad guests to explore.
Check your local Dollar Store for plastic Halloween serving bowls or goblets to set around the room filled with candy. Who knows? You may be surprised at all the inexpensive goodies finding their way into your cart to add to the party.
Okay, so now you have party decor covered, but what to do to keep those little rug trolls entertained? Here are a few games themed for the Hallows Eve spirit.
Eyeball Scoop is a game where you blindfold someone with a doubled-over bandana and scatter cotton balls in front of them on the carpet. Hand over a serving spoon and bowl and let the tyke loose. The object of the game is to spoon as many 'eyeballs' into the bowl in a set amount of time. Because the cotton balls are so light, this is a fun challenge for even adults!
Another fun game is to set up pumpkins and to divide the guests into groups of two members. Designating each team with a pumpkin and permanent marker, explain that one of the members of the team draws on the side of the pumpkin opposite him, while the other member is his eyes. The 'Eyes' will have to tell the Drawer how to move his marker in order to create a spooky face.
Scavenger hunts and costume contests are always fun while 'pass-it-on' ghost stories might get a little interesting if you have a creative tyke in the group.
Stumped on what to fix your guests? Check out for punch and food ideas. A creative little trick to liven up your punch bowl is to fill up a cleaned plastic glove with water, tying it off with a rubber band and sticking it in the freezer the night before your party.
When it comes time to pull out your ghoulish brew, slip the now frozen hand out of the glove and into the punch bowl to surprise any unsuspecting punch-dipping guest.
Above all, remember that if you plan with safe practices in mind, your Halloween will be much more enjoyable and much less stressful.

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