Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crash and Burn!

Okay.. maybe just crash.. Well.. As anyone who might have been keeping up with my blog has noticed (ahem.. emphasize on *might*) I have been absent for a while in my blogging adventures, here's why..
For some reason Blogger has been crashing my browser every time I try to access my blog.. Causing a horrific and sometimes gut-wrenching response as I watch every browser window slowly (and I mean slowly) diminish.. Including the super long cover email I've just written out for a job-position.
On to other news..
Game production has been put on hold until current sponsor issues are resolved. Lets hope this happens sooner then later.. I'm starting to have withdrawal pains. :)
Christmas is coming up and so is the new year of 2009. Time to start pulling out your resolution lists everyone! I, for one, am already working on one full of expectations.. Pshaw, who needs a nagging wife when your already being one for yourself? :)
Games. I am still on my simulation-game craze and seem to have found a new inlet to feed my addiction. has all types of games (though I have yet to really delve into the database) and I'm sure will keep me busy in my down-time while holding the son. Ah speak of the little guy..
Wellp, the son calls!

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