Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hmm.. This seems kinda redundant.

Something I found in my internet-browsing-adventures while holding my son..
It starts out with an article about govenerment grants, how the govennment can help you get out of debt with your bills, and a guy who has taken time out of his VERY busy schedule, wearing a question-mark suit somewhat reminescent of The Riddler, to talk about it 'today'.
After clicking this link you will find an opening page that promises 'free' money from the government in order to help pay some bills. With this recession and Christmas just around the corner, I can see where it might be tempting for some hard-up parents to check further into this. Ah okay, I checked myself. *sigh* Sue me.

After choosing the category of which you need the Government's help with, you get transferred automatically to a 'Buy Me Now for More Information' ad.

Okay.. is it just me or does this seem a little twisted? If someone has gotten to the point where they need money from the government to pay off their bills so they can start working towards getting out of debt.. Do you think they really should be buying random books telling them how to ask the government to help them pay off their bills? I dunno.. Maybe I'm just overreacting, but it just seems like if someone can't pay their bills, they probably don't have extra money to buy random books.
Ahah.. Time to go clean the fish tank. :) Got my daughter a fish for Christmas!

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