Wednesday, February 25, 2009

*Knock Knock*

Well.. after some sound advice from a concept artist i'm working with on a demo-project (Yes Badger, I'm looking at you) I've come to realize that my poor blog has been sorely neglected.

So here's an update on life as we know it and a few things I've learned these past few months;

  • Freelance-Video-Game-Writers who are stay-at-home-moms NEVER publish success stories. In fact, it actually makes me wonder if they even exist.. Bah, surely there's a stay-at-home-mom/video-game-writer out there. Maybe the title is just way too darned long.

  • Never mention to your animal-rights-fanatic-Guild-Leader that you have mouse traps in your home. No, I don't really care for causing any more discomfort to an animal then they already get naturally but when it comes to one of my children getting sick from mouse 'loot' or what they carry in from outside.. You can bet your bbqed buttons it's war.

  • Top Ramen should NOT be left in it's little 'box' on the floor. (Related to above mentioned mouse) *Sigh* a whole box of ramen noodles.. tossed out. And it was Teriyaki! You NEVER find that flavor anywhere.

  • Don't wait for motivation or inspiration to strike when it comes to writing. A set schedule, as inconvenient as it sounds, REALLY is the best way to get your work done. Inspiration will learn to come on your schedule, though it may be hard at first.
  • Early Hours Work. Even though 3 am isn't extremely convenient to work, i've written some of my most efficient work super early in the morning.


After 4 years of renting, we've finally started really considering purchasing a house. :) Yay! While I'm sure it's not going to be top-notch living, it'll be so nice to actually be paying towards something we're buying rather then towards something someone else is buying.

I've mostly concentrated on Video-Game Writing an have sub-conciousely steered further away from web copy. I'm hoping to get myself back into taking on more genres of work in Freelance Writing soon but have just enjoyed the projects i'm currenty on for now in the gaming-industry.

Working on my portfolio! So excited to finally have some of my work ready to show prospective clients. This will definately make it easier and quicker to apply for projects i'm interested in joining.

And with all that said, my latest piece of 'cheers-for-me' news; I finally picked up a laptop, or rather my husband finally picked a laptop up for me for our anniversary/my birthday. :) I've really been enjoying being able to write in bed whenever the urge hits or even while I'm doing dishes (If your wondering how I manage this, I'll simply say; Ahem.. very carefully)

Tada! Update ala Heather.

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artfulfrog said...

Thanks for following me on twitter. It's nice to know that they're other women out there who love video games. That seems to be lacking.

Again Thanks.