Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cross Your T's and Dot Your 'Eyes'?

Another day of Freelance job hunting.. It's a Saturday, and while I spent a majority of the day finishing my resume and replying to some calls for Freelance Writers.. I was able to sit down with my husband and drop 'Hitman' into the DVD player.
Two hours later, I found myself holding my son with Brutis' mouse in my hand. Research. There's a fashion magazine call for writers and editors and I intended to write up a piece to submit as a sample tonight. This proved less easy than I thought.
I first started searching for Fall Fashion for 2008.. then realizing that most runway fashion doesen't make it to the streets but is watered down to a more practical, easier managed trend, I took to 'Street Fashion'...
Ahem.. Okay.. About Street Fashion. I really admire most of the trendsetters these days, but the one who gave birth to respelling a word to make it slang by actually ADDING letters just strikes me as idiotic.
Eye? Eye.. Why on earth take a simple word of one letter that explains and describes so much and add two letters to make yourself sound unlearned? I'm all about comfort. I'm one of those who, while I know aint aint a word, can't help but spout the blasphemic word in my everday language just because it's fun to say.. But eye? Eye doesen't even sound different then I. It just causes a little more inconvenience to the typist who for some odd reason feels it necessary to misspell.
Isn't slang all about convenience? And comfort? When did taking longer to type become slang? It's bad enough when you can't hardly understand most of today's teens due to lack of letters.
When 'txt talking' first came out, that was allright. It was convenient and saved the frequent texter from expensive conversations between friends. You can't blame someone for typing cn't instead of can't. Or u instead of you. But.. eye instead of I? Are we going backwards? Is this some kind of conspiracy with the mobile phone service companies? Have they come to the conclusion that we as a consumer MUST text long sentences to get a simple point across to keep them afloat?
Bah.. Too much research into the outside world. My laundry calls.

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